About EteRnaL:
EteRnaL is in the first place an RPG, however we are trying to make it as original as possible, in one way trying not to fall into original RPG clichés, but in another way deliberatly using those clichés just to make fun of it.(project self-relativation heheh).

The player can choose his character or make his own, but there are 3 basic types. You can be either a vampire, a vampire hunter, or neutral. (as it is an RPG about vampires)

There will be support for multiplayer play, in several different modes. You either go on adventuring with your friends as coop or against eachother, or you can choose to be dumped in a certain world/place/time not knowing eachother, but eventually run into eachother, and develop your own story like that. There will also be a deathmatch mode *grin* Death match mode is aviable only as a certain mode for multiplayer, which will exist of the battle parts of the single and multiplayer engine. (Not as a seperate concept, we still want it to remain an rpg). Main phylosopy here is that we want the user to do in the game world anything he wants or influence the storyline in any direction he wants. To make this possible we need several alternative "endings" (not that there is a real ending, it's upto the player to "end" or not, as it's EteRnaL :p) and an "infinite" supply of quests and stories for the player to pick from and develop his character in. The development of the character is the main "hook" as in most rpg's however we'll be trying to do this in a slightly different way: we want the player to advance non-linear as eventually he will start functioning in a 4 dimensional environment. (Our goal is, secretly, to stretch the players 'mind', beyound the mind level :p) much more info on this in the new design document that will be aviable soon.