project news and history:

5:02 March 11, 2007 There is a big chance that eternal will end up being developed in the new game engine I'm making for, doing this will instantly give it massive multiplayer and community support, which can only be a good thing. It is still heavily under construction, and I can't reveal too many details at this point. I also started a new technology ''news'' type of website where I will be posting more frequent. Feel free to check it out, if you're the geek minded type. In the (near, but don't take my word on it) future I will also be putting some different projects on that website which I'm currently working on, and still need a 'home'.
4:52 12/09/06 I guess it's about time I put some news on here,... ;) STILL got lots of stuff going on. I have been so distracted with so many other projects it's not even funny. I still do intend to work on this project somewhen. At the moment I'm working on a (top-secret :P ) game engine for and on an entry for a game contest on the same website. In the past years I have learned allot of new things about game design and C++ programming in general. When I started this project I was still a bit green, and :sigh: fell into the all-to-common trap of starting a way-too-big project than I could take on at the time. My main priority at the moment is the beforementioned game engine, of which development could take many years. Since so much has changed about my views on software design and such, this project will need a complete rewrite, which is OK since there wasn't much there to begin with. I will however not fall into -another- trap of doing rewrite after rewrite after rewrite, for we all know it's more fun to start something anew, than it is to sit down and fix bugs and debug, etc... But it needs to be done, and sticking to a project is one of the hardest challenges that a developer faces. This being said, bye for now :)
21:20 27/07/05 Project is gonna be on hold for a little while, got lots of stuff going on here. After that there is going to be a full port to linux, to keep compatibility going, then we're gonna go from there.
19:10 19/01/05 Lots of good news here. Finally got me a net connection :) Finally uploaded what i've got sofar of designdocument. It is nowhere near complete, but it's more than what ever was there. Also uploaded current source and binaries of the game editor.
21:12 10/01/05 I still have not uploaded what needs to be uploaded. May I burn in EteRnaL fire for this :p However, I removed that old bloaty inacurate design document to make room for the new one, although it isn't there yet, I put online a teaser explaining what some of the features of the new world editor will be. You can look at it here.
9:30 26/11/04 I still have allot of stuff to upload! A completely new map editor in 3D using the irrlicht engine, lots of art and 3d models, a completely new design document, new music.... not having internet access isn't helping, will burn everything on cd asap and upload whenever I have the chance.
17:13 08/08/04 Still rewriting the design doc, but also started modeling charater meshes in max. July and August have been and will be a bit silent though.
10:48 09/06/04 Rewriting the design document completely into an easy navigateable HTML version... when finished it'll be ported to pdf as well...
18:42 09/05/04 Still alive :) porting everything to SDL, will no longer use 2d isometric engine but a 3d openGL equivalent... and I REALLY need to update the design doc some day, i have a more recent version on my other computer, but i don't seem to get to uploading it.. I will at some point I will! :)
16:23 12/03/04 New release + uploaded some game music samples :)
21:40 30/01/04 New pre-pre-pre-alpha release :p
20:14 03/01/04 Finally got started on project html page